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Lifting and Transport Equipment

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Lifting and Transport Equipment
-Wines (Tower Crane, Mobile Crane, Bridge Crane, Jib Crane etc.)
-Workshop hoist
-Shapen etc.

Lifting conveying equipment is subjected to periodic checks in accordance with legislation and relevant standards. The periodic control of these types of equipment must be renewed at maximum every 12 months. Depending on the equipment, a visual and a load test is performed to declare the conformity.

Periodic inspections are carried out when the equipment is in operation and all functions are tested. The periodic check of equipment that is faulty, unsettled and out of use is not performed.

Periodic checks of hoisting and conveying equipment are carried out by mechanical engineers and machine technicians or technicians. If the periodic controls are carried out with non-destructive inspection methods, these checks can only be carried out by engineers, trained technicians or high technicians trained according to TS EN 473 standard.

Periodic Control Report
After the periodic checks made, conformity assessment is carried out in three sections with respect to the condition of the equipment;
– Can be used after correction
– Not suitable for use
As a result of the evaluation made, labels indicating compliance are prepared and attached to the equipment.

Overhead Crane
Portal Crane
Mobile Crane
The tower crane
Workshop hoist
Upgradeable Mobile Business Platform
Hanging Access Hardware
Column Work Platform
Vehicle Lifting Equipment
Construction Crane (Facade Elevator)
Hanging Crane (Gırgır Crane)
Steel rope
Workshop levers